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Naked Being cover Vera.jpg


A work in progress


In 2023 a photography shoot with a friend led me to imagine a new portrait series: Naked/Being. The project will be a series of collaborative nude portraits that will explore aging, ageism and body image.

The inspiration for the series came in June 2023, when friend Amy Gottlieb asked me I'd photograph her naked to document the changes lymphoma had made to her body—an older woman’s body. The pictures were taken five weeks before she died. Amy Gottlieb was a fearless activist, LGBTQ2 pioneer, educator, and artist. Amy loved the photos and said she looked at them again and again.

When I told Amy's partner Maureen that I was inspired to to create a new photo series, she said "This is a sensationally great project. And yes Amy would be chuffed that she was in the vanguard."

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