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I grew up in Oyster Bay, New York. When I was in my twenties I lost my hearing and my balance in an accident. I don't know if that auditory loss at a young age made me more sensitive to seeing the world around me but it changed me. I lost ending my participation in the sports that were a large part of my life at the time. My energy shifted dramatically and I became much more of an observer, engaging in a much slower, more intimate way with my surroundings. I discovered photography which became the language through which I could most deeply engage with the world around me, and express what I saw in it.

In 1997 I moved to Toronto to study and practice digital photography. I explored many aspects of the medium and for a number of years became extremely involved in holography and 3D photography from both a technical and creative perspective. I built custom cameras and created a company to document events in 3D. I became a Canadian citizen and consider Toronto my home.

My professional practice has tended to centre around what I consider collaborative portraiture and the documentation of artists and their work. My first major work of collaborative portraiture led to a hardcover book, People of Yellowstone, encounters with the rich diversity of individuals who inhabit – in one way or another – this much studied natural landscape.


Currently I am researching and preparing for a series of collaborative studies of older women I am calling Naked/Being which were inspired by my work with Amy Gottlieb on Still Me.

Professional resumé:

Steve Horan Photography CV 2024

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