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Vera back Moss  water _5866.jpeg

In development

Working title "Naked/Being"

In 2023 an invitation from a friend led to a new approach to portraits, one that I am passionate about pursuing new series. The project will be a series of collaborative portraits that explores aging, ageism and body image.

My photographic portraits have always been collaborations with a wide range of individuals. People from vastly different walks of life, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers, each willing to share with me the unique stories their bodies told. The inspiration for the series I am pursuing now came in June 2023.


Amy Gottlieb, a respected activist, educator, and artist asked me if  I would collaborate with her to document the changes lymphoma had made to her body—an older woman’s body. Amy was exuberant and full of her typical ingenuity and creativity in co-directing the shoot. Amy Gottlieb and her life partner loved the photos which were taken five weeks before Amy died; and was enthusiastic about making them public.  I think she would have been pleased and, I suspect, not at all surprised to know that one of her photos was acquired by the ArQuives and that her vision has become the inspiration for this current project.

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